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Nagaland the land of rich incomparable traditional and cultural heritage is one of the fascinating destinations in Northeast India. The state offers its visitors a taste of incredible India and its diversity. With pleasant climate throughout the year and one can visit here anytime. It is inhabited by 16 major tribes along with other sub – tribes Nagaland Tour PackagesNagaland Tour Packagesand it is a beautiful mix of the past with the present. Each tribe has a different character and identifies in terms of tradition, custom, language, and dresses. Even their tribal festivals are celebrated with much fun fare but with different style and system with people color the terrain with their bright attire and vibrant dances. Here the music is an integral part of life and one can come across various forms of songs like folk songs, poetic love songs, Gospel songs or even the modern tunes will set your feet tapping.

Though they were animist by tradition, almost 98% of the population embraced Christianity under the influence of English missionaries. The Nagas were also exposed to western culture when the English recruited them as a labor corps to serve in France during the Second World War. They were highly commended for their loyalty and bravery.

Naga society is a well-united abiding by ancient principles that play an important role in contemporary life. One of its interesting features is the tradition of the Morung, a dormitory exclusively for men, which is the focal point of the village.

Touring Nagaland is an adventure by itself. The exquisitely picturesque landscapes of the state are appealing. The vibrantly colorful sunrise and sunset, lush and verdant flora will please all visitors. This hilly state represents unimaginable beauty, molded perfectly for a breath taking experience for its visitors. Life here is laid back and slow. Domestic tourists visiting Nagaland require obtaining Inner Line Permits (ILP).

Places of Interest

  •   Kohima
  •   Dimapur
  •   Mokokchung
  •   Wokha
  •   Mon
  •   Kiphire


Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, is one of the leading attractions in the state. Located at a height of 1500 m above sea level, Kohima has picturesque views to offer. Trekkers will love the place as there is enormous scope for trekking and camping.


Dimapur serves as the main entry point into Nagaland. This is also the commercial center of the state. While nature lovers are enthralled by the scenic landscape of the place, history lovers are attracted to the 10th century Kachari ruins found here.


Mokokchung, is one of the most important districts in the state that is regarded the cultural and intellectual capital of Nagaland. Picturesque hills and the musical sounds of the streams running will mesmerize you.


Wokha, the homeland to Lotha tribe is an ideal place to have an insight of rural life. The land abounds in fruits like pineapples, oranges, and plums and the best part of it are that they are grown using organic methods and hence free of pesticides. Nature lovers will love strolling along the paths that lead to the forests around.


Boasting of rich tribal heritage, Mon is one of the most mystic places in Nagaland. Geographical location in the northeastern part of the state, adds to its mystic charm. The place is nature lovers' delight as the landscapes are spectacular.


Overlooking Mountain Sabarmati, Kiphire, is the highest Peak in Nagaland. This small town has some of the best awe-inspiring landscapes. To its east is Myanmar. Adventure seekers can have an abundance of a time here indulging in trekking, canoeing, and rafting.

How to reach


Nearest Airport Dimapur (74 km from Kohima)
Indian Airlines Flight: Delhi- Guwahati- Dimapur (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) Dimapur to Kolkata. (on daily basis).


Kohima can be reached from Dimapur on NH 39. Avail to car rentals or shared vehicles.

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