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Manipur is reputed for its tradition of the arts. Weaving (done by the women) is a time-honored occupation, fine-tuned to an art form with its intricate designs in the dazzling range of sarees, sarongs, shawls, and bedspreads. Each home has a loom. Even the state's martial arts are recognized for their almost poetic traditions.Manipur Tour PackagesManipur Tour Packages The economic and fluid movements of the spear dance (Ta Khousarol) and sword fight (Thang Yannaba) have a sinuous beauty. This playful, sports loving community is reputed for its indigenous version of Polo (it was the first place in India to have evolved this sport of kings), the Mukna Kangjei – (wrestling-hockey) and Yubi-Lakpi, a form of rugby played with a greased coconut.

Distinguished as the land of Radha and Krishna, Manipur, in the best of traditions, has gifted to India's classical dance repertoire her lyrical Ras Leela dance that re-enacts the love story of Radha and Krishna. The Lai Haraoba (spring festival) is also celebrated with the Manipuri's graceful movements in all dance forms. Even its expressive tribal folk dances are performed with traditionally aesthetic movements.

Places of Interest

  •   Ukhrul
  •   Thoubal
  •   Senapati
  •   Chandel
  •   Bishnupur
  •   Tamenglong


The beauty of nature offers more than just visual delight in Ukhrul. You will be mesmerized by the beautiful valleys, hills, waterfalls, and streams. In short, Ukhrul is a dream destination and it will uplift your soul if you are a nature lover.


Situated amidst hills, Thoubal is another place of appeal and is perfect for trekking and hiking. Lush greenery, beautiful rivers, and lakes make the place a perfect destination for outdoor activities.


With 80% of the land covered by dense forests, Senapati is one of the places in Manipur that preserves its natural beauty with some of its parts still unexplored. It seems the land is especially favored by nature.


Chandel is the gateway to Myanmar. The geographical significance, however, does not end there. The land is rich in flora and fauna being home to a wide range of species. Rare species of animals and plants are found here.


Considered a holy land thanks to the many temples located here, Bishnupur, is one of the most frequented cities in Manipur for both its natural beauty and places of worship. The ancient temples here reflect the rich culture of the land and its architectural excellence.


Tamenglong popularly referred to as the ‘Land of Hornbill’ is rich in flora and fauna is similar to Chandel. Tamenglong makes a perfect dream spot with lakes, rivers and waterfalls, unexplored forests, rare species of plants, animals, and exotic birds.

How to reach


Manipur has an airport located at its capital city Imphal. The airport at Imphal is well connected with major Indian Cities like Delhi, Kolkata, and Guwahati. Indian airlines have a regular operation to this city and other important cities in the North-East of India.


The state of Manipur has a railway station in Modpur which receives trains from some parts of the country. Besides, other northeastern cities like Guwahati, Dimapur, Silchar which have railway stations and are serviced by important trains to and from the rest of the country. From these cities, one can reach Manipur by road.


The road network is quite efficient in Manipur. National Highway 39 connects Manipur with major cities like Guwahati, Dimapur, Kohima, Schilchar in the northeastern part on India.

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