Top 5 Himalayan Passes Most Popular among Tourists in India

If you are into the love of travelling but to the mountains, then you must have heard of the terms like Highest Mountain passes or Motorable Roads. Some of us might have also dreamt of conquering these passes and roads.

So, we hope you all are ready for it!

From Ladakh to Sikkim with a glance of enticing mountain escapes will glow up your eyes with excitement while on a drive. The adventure will surely start running in your veins. So, ride through these mountain passes in the Himalayan ranges and discover the unseen beauty of India!

Do take a tour of Sikkim too!

Sikkim is the land of majestic beauty and you would surely love to visit it at least once on your road trip. You can book a trusted travel agency in Siliguri to get the best services for your Sikkim tour.

Before you explore let’s look at some tips to follow

Going on a car? Do look after these things to enjoy your road trip smoothly!

  • Have buffer days
  • Stay warm and hydrated all the time
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Carry your essential items-Clothing, food, and water
  • Drive with caution and care
  • Start early and sleep early

Now, you know where and which pass to plan a trip for! Share this with all other travel freaks and let us know your experience!