Unusual Places You Should Not Miss in Bhutan

It is impossible to cover every destination that Bhutan holds for you. Even if you have made several trips to this mystical kingdom, there would be still more attractions to be left to explore. It is of no wonder to see Bhutan in everyone’s bucket list; these offbeat destinations will surely let you explore the unknown part of Bhutan.

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Planning a journey to lesser known places

While you can explore the popular places in Bhutan, you can also arrange a trip to the offbeat places this country has kept hidden for years.

 Handloom Weaving Project

Located a few kilometers beyond Khaling, National Handloom Project is a place to go for traditional woven fabrics. This project is spread over 400 villagers in Bhutan. You can also choose more than 300 samples by learning about different plants used to make dyes.


Situated in the South-west of Paro, Haa is the smallest of all the districts in Bhutan. Though isolated, it has lots of ancient temples, lovely scenery and rich heritage. Grab your backpack and explore Haa on your foot!

Philatelic Bureau

At first glance, you might feel how a post office can offer something interesting! But you are wrong! This post office does deliver something unique with personalized stamps. The most exciting thing is you can get your photo printed on these stamps.

Phobjikha Valley

A bow-shaped glacial valley, Phobjikha is a bird-watchers and wildlife lover’s paradise. Flocks of black-necked cranes spend their winter here. Then drive along taking a taxi from Bagdogra to Phuentsholing and reach this lovely spot.


If you want to spend your holiday this year around natural landscapes, then Lhuenste must be on your bucket list! Known for its rugged mountains, spectacular views, verdant forests, and magnificent cliffs, this land was once home to Bhutan’s royal family.

Champaca Café

Are you a coffee lover? Then Champaca Cafe in Paro is the perfect choice for you! With pocket-friendly prices, it is just the place for you to relax after a long sightseeing day. Munch on some yummy snacks and enjoy a hot delicious cup of coffee!

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