Adventure Trips to India for Mountain Trekking in the Great Himalayan Range

“Wondering about going on a trek amidst the Himalayan ranges? This list will surely excite the trekking enthusiast in you!”

The mystical grandeur of the Himalayas has spellbound most of the people worldwide. If you wish to walk down the green heaven on the Earth and climb up the rugged mountains then the Himalayas are ideal. Come and experience it!

A Himalayan Adventure

India proudly beholds the most glorious crown to its North-the Himalayas. The true adventure and beauty are unexplainable. It also portrays many features like the snow-capped mountains, rivers, glaciers and diverse flora and fauna.

The Fun of Trekking

The Indian Himalayas is a blend of enjoyment and adventure. But this trekking experience will offer you more!

  • Experience the unexplored nature trails
  • The variations in the climate
  • The crystal clear waters provide a pleasant picture

It will be an ultimate bliss for the tourists enjoying adventure holidays!

Himalayan treks up close

  • The Himalayan Markha Valley Trek

Markha Valley Trek is an isolated and magnificent trek that you might ever come across in the Himalayas. It is covered with spectacular sceneries that truly capture the attention of the travelers.

What to know

Elevation: 17,060 feet

Best season: June to September

Beauty of Sikkim at Goecha La Trek

The enchanting valleys of Sikkim are covered with Goecha La Trek. Taking you through the magical twists and turns of the Himalayan Range, this trek is one of the most romantic trails.

What to know

Elevation: 16,000 ft

Best Season: April to June

 Kuari Pass Trek

Life-changing experience at Kuari Pass Trek

On the tour of the fabulous Kuari Pass Trek, you get the chance to pass through the outer walls of Nanda Devi Sanctuary. The journey crosses through a number of passes and river systems making it more attractive.

What to know

Elevation: 12,516 ft

Best season: November to March

Find Solitude with the Milam Glacier Trek

Another famous Himalayan Treks in the Kumaon region, Milam Glacier trek will take you to some of the beauties of Uttarakhand. The beautiful ‘Gauriganga River’ originates from the South is the largest in this region.

What to know

Elevation: 13,615 ft

Best Season: June to October

Best of both worlds at Hampta Pass Trek

There is a reason why Hampta Pass is popularly known as the special pass in the Himalayan range. Surprising every traveler, this pass serves as the doorway to enter a completely different world.

What to know

Elevation: 14,010 ft

Best season: June to early October

Much quieter experience at Kareri Lake Trek

Located in the Kangra district, the verdant forests is the first thing you will notice here. To be one of the famous glacial lakes in the Himalayas, it also is one of the best Himalayan treks in India.

What to know

Elevation: 9620 ft

Best season: May to June

September to October

300 human skeletons at Roopkund Lake Trek

Getting chills already? Well, there’s a lot more to this trek. If you are looking for a thrilling adventure for a lifetime, then there is nothing that you will not find on this trek. See it yourself!

What to know

Elevation: 15,696 ft

Best season: April to November

Natural and awesome at Bara Bhangal Trek

The Bara Bhangal trek takes you from the lush green valleys to the awe-inspiring landscape of this region. The rugged terrain is one of the most impressive and is one of the lesser known regions of the Himalayas.

What to know

Elevation: 4800 m

Best season: June to October

Things to know before you trek

The best way to make your trekking enjoyable is to keep on mind about a few things before you go.

  • Never trek alone
  • Know about your destination
  • Keep enough food and water supply
  • Look at the weather conditions
  • Keep proper gear
  • Keep your backpack light
  • End your trek before sunset

The variety adds a perfect flavour to the life of the trekkers! If you are one of them then choose anyone and live your experience.

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