5 Best Movie Locations Around the World

Locations play a major role while it is for the movies.  Movies are high budget business and they require perfect location, massive clicks, and precision in the light. There are some natural locations around the world those provide a perfect natural setting to shot a perfect movie in it. 

These locations are God gifted and do the work within minimum budget and edits. Therefore, if you are a filmmaker and searching for a perfect destination for your next movie, then this article will be a great help to you.

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1.New Zealand: The most Picturesque place on earth

Do you remember Lord of Rings! The movie that won so many hearts for years!

This movie was filmed in the natural ambiance of New Zealand. New Zealand is a country of Natural Beauty and perfect photogenic locations. Most of the filmmakers prefer New Zealand because it helps them get the perfect shot. The theme of your movie may be anything, New Zealand serves all-purpose.

2. Canada: Cold but Photogenic

Open the memory book of your brain and see if you can remember the movie named Alive. This movie was based on an actual story of a rugby-playing group that was related to the 1972 plane crash of Andes.

This movie did so well may be for many reasons but location played a major role. Actions movies and romantic movies are best to shoot in Canada.

3. New York City: Modern Lifestyle

No, you just cannot name one movie when it is about New York City. New York is the place where so many movies with different background have been filmed.

Still, just for a reference, do you remember Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Yes, we know it is an old school movie but it has some marvelous locations in New York. Whether your film genre is classic or modern both will find its perfect locations in New York.

4. Italy: Romantic view

There is nothing new to tell about Italy. Everybody knows what glamorous beauty it holds. It is for sure this is one of the best locations one filmmaker can select as his location.

Italy has historical places, modern outlines and everything that will act best for a film.

5. Greece: Mesmerizing city

Enough of Hollywood lets come back to our own Bollywood. The Bollywood movies are also filmed in the different foreign locations. One among those movies is Bachna  Ae Haseno.

This beautiful film by Siddharth Anand was shot in the mind-blowing destinations of Greece. Greece is a beautiful city to roll films with mesmerizing locations.

For your Interest:

This world is full of beauty. You just need to find them. Once you find them, your movie or a simple photo shoot everything comes out really well.