7 Ways to Enjoy Your Family Tour in Darjeeling

“My Poetry was born between the hills

And the river, it took its voice from the rain,

And like the timber, it steeped itself in the

Forests…” – Pablo Neruda

This poetry of Pablo Neruda strikes within us an instant love for the hills. Being an Indian that too from the east; hills refer to us only one name DARJEELING “The Queen of Hills”


Darjeeling has experienced a crazy fan following right from the days of British Raj. The British people were crazy about Darjeeling. Starting from the tea plantation to establishing heritage buildings they did a lot to enhance the beauty of Darjeeling.

While the family trip is being planned, this time let us consider Darjeeling.

Family trips need to be more fun and enjoyable. Therefore, a good planning is necessary.

Let’s chalk out some interesting ideas to have a memorable family trip in Darjeeling.

1. Pack your Stuffs right:

When you are visiting Darjeeling, you must pack a good number of winter wears for all the members of your family. Take the necessary medicines and health stuff. Always take the id proofs. You should never travel without an id proof.

Though it’s optional you can always carry something to munch on while traveling. This increases the fun. Finally yet importantly always, carry water.

2. Hire the best travel agent:

When you are traveling in the hills, it’s better to hire the best travel agent. The travel agents know the hills well and they can help you experience the best tour with your family.

Moreover, they will take all the headache of booking your tickets, getting you the right hotel and all other little stuff.

3. Memorable ride circling the Batasia Loop:

This is actually an ecological garden that is obviously attractive because of its own beauty but the beauty is enhanced and sparked due to the toy train.

Enjoy a soothing ride on the toy train and calm your heart while you watch wonderful wildflowers and the peak of Kanchenjunga.

4. Visit the Japanese Peace Pagoda:

This beautiful work of art is situated a little far away from the city in the Jalapahar area of Darjeeling. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions if you are seeking peace.

Meditate for some time here and soon you will feel calm and relaxed.

5. Enjoy a picnic at the Nightingale park:

When you are out with your family and enjoying a family tour in Darjeeling, how about a picnic? Darjeeling is a wonderful place for a picnic.

The Nightingale Park serves as the best spot for a picnic in Darjeeling. Here you can see a big statue of Lord Shiva, musical fountain and gardens.

 6. Come to Happy Valley Tea Estate:

Coming to Darjeeling and not experiencing a tea estate is like coming to the ice cream shop and not enjoying the ice cream.

Happy Valley Tea Estate is the second oldest tea estate in the beautiful hills of Darjeeling.

Pack some favorite flavors of tea from here and take back home to enjoy.

7. Indulge in the local flavors:

Darjeeling has to offer some mind-blowing flavors of the east.  The local dishes here are prepared in the unique hill style and cooked with love.

The famous local food of Darjeeling is Maggie, momo, thukpa, and soup.

Travel but with Love:

Travel with us to Darjeeling and enjoy the most scintillating family package for Darjeeling. We understand the value of a family tour so we make your travel a memorable and happy one.