A Complete Guide on Self Driven Car Rental in Siliguri

‘You can’t control the past, but you can control where you go next for a dream vacation!’

India with its pervading taxi culture still needs some time to adjust to the idea of self-drive rental cars. But we bet once you have discovered the joys of self-drive rentals, you will never go back to sitting in the passenger seat of a taxi or cab.

And yes, it is absolutely true!

Love the Road Via Rental Car!!

With lots of newly discovered destinations to be visited in north Bengal, the car rental concept is gaining popularity. A number of destinations cannot be visited either by train, bus or flight, right? You need to drive there.

Don’t want to have your own car?

Don’t worry, there are several car rental options in Siliguri which are not only budget friendly and but also saves a lot of money for you.

Not only that, you can enjoy the pleasure of driving with your loved one sitting beside you! Wow!

Advantages of Self-Drive Rental Cars over Taxis!!

If you are just like me to drive a car by your own to explore a new place but don’t have any car, this is the best option for you.

There are several benefits lies behind it-

•    You get privacy while you book a self-drive car.

•    Stop, stay or leave as per your own choice.

•    You can book it for hours and days as well.

•    It’s cheaper than taxi services.

•    The stress of car servicing is eliminated.

•    Multiple models to choose from every time.

However, some tips you have to keep in mind before renting a car such as-

1. Rates Of The Rental Car

First of all, there are very few companies who provide self-drive car rental services. And, most of them refuse to negotiate the rates of a rental car. So, before booking, get the proper details about it.

2. Beware Of Additional Charges

Some car rental companies in Siliguri add hidden charges which may not be convenient for you. So, select the right car rental company either from Bagdogra Airport or from NJP to not to face any extra charges.

3. Well-Maintained Self-Drive Car

Do not hurry in booking your car! Just Don’t! Check the brakes, acceleration and the functionality of the car carefully before booking to avoid hassles during the journey.

4. Dedicated customer service

Book your car smartly with the company who not only claims to provide good customer service but means it. Many of them are well connected to you until you book the car, but not after that. So be conscious about it by reading the guest’s previous comments.

5. Carry Documents

Do not book a car from the company who rejects to provide up-to-date documentation of the vehicle. Since this might result in breaking the traffic rules and you might have to pay a huge amount as fine. Also, don’t forget to bring your driving license.

6. Check The Fuel

It is important to check the fuel before setting off for your journey. Some company’s policy does not include petrol or diesel services. Some of them also demand the same amount of fuel while returning the car. You should also check whether your car runs on petrol or diesel.

Always be aware of such things while you book a self-drive car service. Your safety is in your own hand. Enjoy a journey in the self-drive car and cherish it in your heart forever.