5 places to visit on your freezing winter trip to Sandakphu!

The highest peak in West Bengal offering the majestic views of Kanchenjunga from its unprecedented height, Sandakphu is an ultimate trekker’s paradise.

Providing the most fitting trekking opportunities can also lead you to beautiful destinations in and near Sandakphu. Besides this, the divinity of Sandakphu’s snow-clad mountains also attracts many people to its terrains.

So, if you want to escape away from the routine life, then book a budget-freindly family tour package for Darjeeling and travel to Sandakphu to experience the simple, peaceful and joyous life of the hills!

Wintry weather of Sandakphu!!

The temperature range of Sandakphu differs from high to low with snowflakes to amaze you during the winter time.

Winter: -20-degree Celcius

Best time to see snowfall: December to early February

Experiencing snowflakes all over!

The hill stations of Northeast experiences snowfall every winter according to weather conditions.

But there are few destinations which are always known to receive snowfall during the end of December; one such among them is Sandakphu. The mountain views are not always visible because of snowfall.

The path will be covered with snow and a few frozen waterfalls can also be seen too!

How can you reach the range!!

After reaching Darjeeling from Siliguri, you can take a jeep from Manebhanjan to reach Sandakphu. You can halt your jeep in the middle for a stay during the night or you can also trek to this small town by exploring the beautiful views.

The best possible ways for you to reach!

Siliguri to Sandakphu: 3 hours drive

Darjeeling to Sandakphu: 2 hours drive

Manebhanjan to Sandakphu: 2 hours drive

Choose the best accommodation!!

There are trekkers’ huts in Sandakphu which are quite popular with tourists and trekkers. But they provide necessary accommodations. There are also several other private hotels here.

  • Hotel Sherpa Chalet
  • Hotel Sunrise
  • Namo Buddha Hotel

Experience trekking through these places!!

This town is not only famous for trekking but also offers some beautiful Sandakphu sightseeing places to lure you with the surreal beauty of this white winter wonderland.

1. The delightful town of Manebhanjan!


The beginning of the marvelous journey will start from Manebhanjan, a small town located near Darjeeling. It is a particularly inspiring place to start your journey as both the borders of India and Nepal are visible.

2. The greenery of Chitrey!


As the slopes of Manebhanjan might be challenging, hence the beginners can begin their trek at Chitrey. While trekking along this rugged trail you can get amazed at the luscious greenery, the towering oak, pine and fir trees being the best companion throughout your trekking.

3. The enthralling town of Tonglu!


In taking a shortcut, the beautiful town of Tonglu would fall on the way. This place would serve as a magical milestone in your journey. The mere sight of Tonglu Lake will refresh your tired souls and the top of the hill becomes a resting point to view the scenic surroundings.

4. The stunning environment of Tumling!


On your trek to Sandakphu, Tumling is a must-visited place. The lush greenery during the fall of winter will compel you to seek into this small village. You can also experience a change in the climate here. A short tour to this place on your trek will give you a fun-filled trekking experience.

5. The pristine beauty of Bikeybhanjan!


The last milestone you will reach before the Sandakphu town is Bikeybhanjan, which is just beyond the next curve. The steep slopes and the rugged terrains of this destination act as darkness before the dawn of Sandakphu.

Apart from being a wonderland to experience snowfall for trekkers, it is also a paradise for photographers from mesmerizing sunrise to sunset filled with stars.

So, if you are a trekker, traveler or photographer, Sandakphu is heaven in all!