Tashiding Monastery: Witness the spirituality in the winter of Sikkim

Winter in Sikkim inevitably comes with chilling cold, but the breathtaking icy landscapes and scenic delights are all worth it.

The snowy peaks, frozen lakes, and encounter of the pretty ice flakes falling from the heaven turn the landscape into a masterpiece of nature.  The best part of Sikkim is that it is relatively secluded in comparison to other winter destinations in India.

So, if you can dare to bear the biting cold, then Sikkim is the exact place to be! Put your head up and start browsing the best Western Sikkim sightseeing package already because winter is coming!

What to see in Western Sikkim? Tashiding Monastery…

Western Sikkim

This monastery reflects an old charm and a serene ambiance which is an ideal place to seek some enlightenment and spirituality.

The utmost beauty of the monastery binds the visitors to its attractive architecture. Along with being one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim, it does make perfect destination not to be missed by the tourists.

Founded by…

Tashiding Monastery belonged to the Nyingmapa order. It was built in the year of the 17th century on the hilltop between the two rivers of Rangit and Rathong.

Well! Now let us know about the legend of the monastery

There are several legends linked to the foundation of the monastery. They are:

  • Guru Padmasambhava made this site a spiritual site by shooting an arrow.
  • The three monks who saw a divine light shining beside the present day structure of the monastery
  • It is related to the celebration of Bhumchhu festival

The uniqueness of the monastery…

  • A pot of sealed holy water is placed which is used only during festivals
  • The holiest Stupa in Sikkim is kept inside the monastery

The surroundings of the monastery are decorated with!!

  • Prayer flags
  • Number of stupas
  • Inscription slabs

You also need to know about…

Festival celebrated: Bhumchhu

Best time to visit: March to June

Distance: 111 kilometers from Sikkim

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The best things to do during December:

December brings with itself a bag full of surprises and experiences for travelers to indulge in while you stay in Sikkim. Some of the best ones are:

  • Embark on a thrilling trek to Dzongri La
  • Sip on Chhang to keep away the cold
  • Be a small part of the Sikkim festival
  • Take a dip at the Yumthang hot springs
  • Walk over the frozen Tsomgo Lake

Tips to remember…

Even though you get to see full mind-blowing scenic views, Sikkim during December will be a mess for many travelers. So here are some tips to make your Sikkim trip during winter smooth and hassle-free:

  • Make sure you wear heavy woolens and snow boots if needed
  • Do proper research on the weather conditions
  • Do not drive in case of fog
  • Acquire permits before you plan your tour

Ready for an exciting trip to Sikkim in December? Then start planning so that you can enjoy the best views and experiences in Sikkim.