Paragliding in Sikkim in December to Get the Bird’s – Eye View

‘Life is just like Paragliding. Someone doesn’t want to try and give up. Someone will do to go with their heads up.’

Home to Pictorial Beauty!!

Blessed with the beauty of the fascinating mountains, green valleys, and the endearing monasteries, Sikkim is considered to be most sorted of destination in the world. Get ready to explore some of the unseen parts of this mysterious region in December while you head out for a vacation here with your family.

What could be better than witnessing the mountains from your balcony while you sip a cup of hot tea? Wow! Already feels the amazing moment, Right? Yes, it will.

Is December ideal for Paragliding?

Paragliding in Sikkim

Yes, of course! What could be better than that you fly like a bird with a view of snowy environment all around you? Snow! Snow! Snow! Already have a sensation of goosebumps? December is the ideal time for paragliding for sure! The temperature in December in Sikkim ranges from 15◦C- 0◦C.

 Feel the Thrill of Paragliding!!

Want to fly like a free bird in the sky? Then paragliding is the ideal sport what you can experience. Welcome to the world of paragliding in Sikkim to experience the dream of flying like a bird. If you are traveling in Sikkim in December, there is no better sport than Paragliding for sure as it gives the opportunity to explore-

  • The wide laid green lands
  • Lavishing river banks
  • The sight of the gigantic mountains covered in a snow-white wrapper
  • The dense forests
  • A wide range of Himalayan flora and fauna

Know All About Paragliding!!

There are 2 types of paragliding flights you can enjoy with Tandem Flights in which a certified pilot allotted with you. Below is a list about the types and location of Sikkim Paragliding-

1. Medium Fly- It is the first type of fly where you will fly at a medium altitude and will get a lovely aerial view of Himalayan snow peaks.

  • Altitude: 1300-1400meters
  • Take off location: Baliman Dara
  • Flying time: 5-10 minutes
  • Landing Location: At Reshithang Sports Village

2. High Fly- It is the second type of paragliding flight where you will fly at a higher altitude.

  • Altitude: 2200 meters
  • Take off location: Bulbuley Dara
  • Flying time: 20-30 minutes
  • Landing Location: At Reshithang Sports Village

Indicative Rates of Paragliding!!

  • Medium fly: INR 2,500/ per person
  • High Fly: INR 4,500/ per person

Safety Tips for Future Paragliders in December!!

  • Do new move with height and away from the ridge.
  • Don’t become overconfident.
  • Check your all equipment which are necessary for safe paragliding before takeoff.
  • Don’t depend totally on your glider that may be impervious to turbulence because it’s a safe wing.
  • Don’t fly in such bad weather conditions that your skill level can’t handle.
  • As this time the temperature range drops, so you may face the chilled weather. So proper health check-up must be required before going for paragliding.

Essential Things to Carry!!

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Sports Shoes
  • Sports Wear
  • Camera
  • Wear T-shirts and trousers or jeans or any light dresses
  • Light jacket
  • Scarfs

If you want to fuel the adventure junkie in you, then paragliding is an only chance to chase your dream of flying. So, you must plan an adventure trip with the most reliable tour and travel agency in Sikkim and make it memorable for the lifetime.

Popular FAQs-

Q. Is previous experience needed for paragliding?

#A. No experience is required to enjoy paragliding in Sikkim. However, paragliding needs you to be within normal weight limits (90 kg).

Q. Do I need a license to paraglide?

A. Paragliders are regulated under the Section of 103 and therefore you need not any license to paraglide.