How to recognize and stay safe from scams while on your trip to Sikkim

Traveling comes with good memories and experiences. Sometimes you find warm hospitality and sometimes you might also get some bad experiences of your life in a new city.

But among them, the worst experience is to be cheated. Suppose someone stops you for help who is needy but the next moment you realize you got robbed or cheated. We get to hear travelers getting cheated and fraud in different countries. So, India is also not to be left behind.

What can be the solution for it?

The most significant solution behind this is to stay alert and keep you safe from the different scams while in a new city, state or country. This will not only let you keep a look in the surroundings but will also make you a smart traveler at the end of the day.

So let us look into some of the scams and ways of how you can stay safe from these.

1-You must research thoroughly before traveling:

As we all know that having little knowledge is not good while you are on your travel mode. Yet it is indeed proven that you must not travel with little or no knowledge at any point in time.

How to be safe: You should research adequately to keep yourself from an unknown person from robbing you.

2- Do not get extra friendly with the locals:

The most common travel scam is getting tricked by some local guide. They might take you to another destination rather than dropping at your destined destination and get tricked to pay a higher entry fee.

How to be safe: You must be aware while choosing a local guide and not get too friendly with the locals of that city.

3- You must be aware of the Taxi drivers:

When you come out of the station, a crowd of taxi drivers surrounds you to take you to the best hotel. You might not know about this but these drivers sometimes get a commission from the hotel owners.

How to be safe: You must always book your hotel in advance.

4- Do not give hotel room security:

While you are on your Sikkim sightseeing, you might get calls to know about your hotel room security.  This might help the scammers to put a hidden camera in your hotel room which is illegal.

How to be safe: You must try to avoid such false calls and never permit on checking the security of the hotel.

5- Book your travel tickets in advance:

There might be situations or incidents where some local travel agent might offer you train tickets at a discount. They might tell you to pay even at higher prices than an authorized travel agent.

How to be safe: You must always hire a trusted travel agent to avoid any sort of mishappenings.

6-Keep your eyes open while in a new country:

You might fall in incidents where young children might ask you for help and on the other hand, someone might take your luggage and run away.

How to be safe: The best way is to hold your valuables with yourself. You must keep your belongings on your safety.

7- Do not accept unwelcomed help from someone:

If you are hanging out in a busy location then do not ask anybody to click any kind of group photo. You might get busy in clicking photos and find your new friend disappear with your new camera.

How to be safe: Take a selfie stick or click group photos by taking help with your friends.

Stay alert and travel smart

Nowadays, travel scams are increasing in every country and the truth is we cannot escape from it. But awareness can be one way to make better choices. This will also give you a valuable lesson and not let you lose your passion for traveling.