Gangtok trip- Clothes you need to carry for backpacking in summer and winter

Gangtok is the famous capital city of Sikkim which has a perfect blend of modernity and traditionalism. While the ancient monasteries and temples will soak you in the spirituality, the adventure activities will give a boost to your adrenaline rush. These breathtaking skies and the serene ambiance will keep you spellbound and will not let you leave this place.

Summer in Gangtok:


Even though this famous town stays amidst the clouds most of the year, on clear days, you will be lucky to spot the Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world. This town shows different colors in different seasons. While in summers, Gangtok becomes a delight for the visitors from the scorching heat of Northern Plains and will let you enjoy summer in Gangtok at its best.

Weather during summer:

In Gangtok, the weather of summer starts from May to June and it gets relatively warm and pleasant. During this time it is peak tourist season and that is why you will get to see a lot of tourists during the summer basking in the sun rays of Gangtok. The average temperature in the day fluctuates at 22 degree Celsius and during the night the temperature falls below 7 degree Celsius.

Clothes to pack during summers:

As the weather remains quite warm,  the following are the clothes you need to pack during your visit in summer-

  • Cotton t-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Jeans
  • Flip flops or sandals
  • Hats and sunglasses

However, it is advisable to carry light woolen clothes as it gets colder during the night:

  • Shawls
  • Light jackets
  • Light sweater

 Winter in Gangtok:


Winter is probably the best season for vacation for most of the people who have a busy schedule for the whole year. This is the perfect time to get along with your family, friends and most importantly you can enjoy the light mist of the cold winter wind in Gangtok. So, if you want to spend winter in some hill-station then do stick to the state of Sikkim.

Weather during winter:

The season of winter starts here from the month of December and it continues till early February. The winters are generally characterized by foggy chilly mornings and cold windy nights but the weather stays clear. The average temperature ranges from 4 degree Celsius to 7 degree Celsius which is also considered the best time to visit Gangtok.

Clothes to pack during winters:

Even though it is cold but during the daytime you can wear light woolen clothes while you visit Gangtok during the winters. The below-mentioned clothes must be carried by you-

  • Shawls
  • Light sweaters
  • Full sleeves t-shirts or shirts

But during the night you need heavy woolens as it gets freezing cold. These clothes can be your aid in winters-

  • Thermal wear
  • Good warm jacket
  • Gloves
  • Cap
  • Muffler,
  • Shoes and socks

Backpacking in Gangtok for an ideal holiday

Smart packing is very essential if you are visiting a hill-station like Gangtok in summer or winter. Weather in Gangtok might be different from what you expect. So, if you are thinking of going on a Gangtok just around then need not to worry as we bring you a comprehensive blog of the list of clothes you need to pack to make your trip hassle-free. Keep them in mind and enjoy all that Gangtok has to offer.