Self Drive Bagdogra Airport Car Rental – Useful tips before hiring a car

If you want to drive to Siliguri but you don’t have your own car, then you should not worry as there are many service providers. They will provide you self-drive car rental but among them, Eastern Meadow Tours offers you the most affordable and reasonable self drive car rental at Bagdogra airport. So here are some useful tips for you to know before hiring a self-drive car.

Benefits of hiring a self-drive car:

  1. Choose self-drive, if you don’t have your own car
  2. Spending private time with your family and friends
  3. Choice of operating the car on your own
  4. Self-drive rental cars are cheaper than taxis
  5. Choose your own car
  6. Freedom to stop and start at any place

 Useful tips to hire a self-drive car rental

There are many self-drive car rental companies which give different types of reviews to make the company promotable but there are some useful tips which must be known before you hire a car to drive on your own.

Here are the 7 useful tips to hire a self-drive car:

1. Rental car rates:

There are many companies which provide self-drive car rent. Among them, Eastern Meadow Tours provide you the best and the affordable self drive car rental at Bagdogra along with the best services.

2. Beware of hidden charges:

When you choose the car you should also ask about the company. A good research of the car rental company will save you from hidden charges if any provided. So to avoid these charges Eastern Meadow Tours will rent you the best self-drive car in Bagdogra without any additional charges.

3.  Condition of the car:

There are many travellers who book a self-drive car without taking their own car to experience an easy drive. So if you are one of them to book often, then you must surely know about the condition of the car before booking it. You must also take an extra photo and keep it with you so that you can return the car in the same condition. You must not be responsible for any extra charges.

4.  Pick up and drop facility:

Booking a self-drive car from a trusted and known company is very important. There are many companies who have their own set of rules and conditions for booking a car but you must rely on the one who will offer you the best services. The first feature among them is picking up and drop services which Eastern Meadow Tours will offer you their service of car rental at Bagdogra airport.

5.  Carry proper documents with you:

Hiring a self-drive car gives you a few more responsibilities. The knowledge of driving the car and you must carry proper documents with you to avoid any sort of problems.

6.  Proper customer service:

Book a car with proper additional customer service provided by the company. There are many companies who do not provide customer service that it promises before renting the car. Eastern Meadow Tours will offer you the best customer service from the last to the end of your journey

7. Company review:

There are many companies which do not have proper documents. So it is very important to ask about the company with proper documents so that you don’t have to pay any extra charges afterward.

If you hire self-drive car rental service at Bagdogra you can visit places in Siliguri, Gangtok, Darjeeling, Sikkim and many more and also Dooars. You must keep in mind to choose the best self-drive car rental service which will provide you all the proper facilities of the company so that you can enjoy your journey to the fullest hassle free.

Do follow these steps and choose the best car rental service in Bagdogra airport and have a happy journey!