Top 10 Monasteries in Sikkim You Cannot Miss

Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, amid eye-catching terrain, pristine lakes, dense forests, and roaring rivers, Sikkim is an absolute paradise and a perfect destination for all seasons. This hilly state is located at an elevation ranging from 920 ft to 28000ft. It is famous for its vibrant orchids, colorful butterflies, serene monasteries, high altitude lakes, etc. It is the place where mountains sing lore of legend. And, amidst them, ancient monasteries are situated, echoing with holy chants. These Buddhist Monasteries are not special just because they are picturesque and immersed in the soft aroma of alpine but also because of the great tradition they carry. The ornate architecture, ancient existence, and amazing surroundings of these monasteries will keep you spellbound. Majority of these monasteries were built during the 17th & 18th centuries, yet stand strong amidst the mountains, owing to its strong architectural set-up & excellent maintenance efforts put up by the monks and the locals.

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Mentioned below are the Top 10 monasteries in Sikkim that you cannot afford to miss. Each of these locations is included in our Sikkim sightseeing packages:

1. Dubdi Monastery-


It holds the oldest tradition of Sikkim. Dubdi is one of the most famous monasteries in Sikkim. This beautiful monastery is guarded by a treacherous path and dense alpine which must be visited by every traveler looking for popular attractions in Sikkim.


Elevation: 6,900 meters.

Distance from Sikkim: 130.9km.

Key attractions:  Norbugang Chorten and Khangchendzonga National Park.

2. Enchey Monastery-


It is another popular monastery which dates back to 200 years. The name ‘Enchey’ means solitary which is absolutely justified by its location. It belongs to Nyingma of Vajrayana Buddhism and special prayers are held here during the lunar month of every year.


Distance from Sikkim: 61.2 km.

Visiting hours: 6 am – 4 pm

Key attractions: Masked dancing.

3. Kartok Monastery- It has the most scenic backgrounds in Sikkim.


It is one of the most picturesque monasteries in Sikkim. Fluttering prayer flags and mesmerizing holy chants make this monastery spectacular for the nature lovers.


Elevation: 1780 meters

Distance from Sikkim: 95.1 km

Key attractions: Kartok Lake and fossils near the lake.

4. Lingdum Monastery- It is the nearest monastery from Gangtok.


It is one of the most preferred locations for Bollywood filmmakers in Sikkim. This monastery is also known as Ranka Monastery, completed in the year 1998. Being surrounded by densely forested mountains, it is truly a photographer’s delight.


Distance from Sikkim: 73.2 km

Key attractions: Banjhakri Waterfall, and Rumtek Monastery.

 5. Pemayangtse Monastery- It is the oldest monastery in Sikkim.


This is one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim crowded by travelers year-round. Pemayangtse translates to ‘Perfect Sublime Lotus’. The interiors of the monastery are notable with all the Tibetan motifs and design on the walls and pillars.


Distance from Sikkim: 123.1 km

Key attractions: Interior Woodwork

6. Phodong Monastery- It is the significant remains of Kagyupa Sect.


Phodong Monastery, due to its unique architecture, it draws the attention of the visitors. This monastery is well adorned with eye-catching paintings and murals.


Elevation: 1371.6 meters

Distance from Sikkim: 35.4 km

Key attractions: Labrang Monastery and Tumlong

7. Ralang Monastery- It is the biggest monastery in Sikkim.


It is the biggest monastery in Sikkim, which is the amazing assimilation of traditions and Tibetan architecture. It is also popular because of its festival named Pang Lhabsol.


Elevation: 2438.4 meters

Key attractions: Kewzing Monastery and Mangbrue Gompa

 8. Rumtek Monastery- It is well known for its vantage points.


Rumtek Monastery is an ideal site for nature lovers because it is fed by the thrills of the mountainous terrain. The unique architecture of this monastery will leave you fascinated.


Elevation: 1,500 meters

Distance from Sikkim: 81.8 km

Visiting hours: 6 am – 6 pm

Key attractions: Botanical Garden

 9. Tashiding Monastery- It is adorned by nature from all sides.


It is one of the oldest and holiest monasteries in Sikkim. Endowed with snow-capped peaks and rustic charm, this monastery is popular among the travelers from all over the world. It houses close to 60-70 monks.


Distance from Sikkim: 110.5 km

Key attractions: Inscription slab outside the monastery

 10. Tsuklakhang Monastery-This monastery represents the ancient artwork.

It is popularly known as Tsuklakhang Royal Chapel. This monastery is also famous as it preserves the cultural heritage of the northeastern state.


Key attractions: Pang Lhabsol festival, Fine Tibetan architecture, the celebration of Losar.

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Frequent questions to be asked:

Q. What should we wear to visit these monasteries?

A. You should moderately dress up during visiting the monasteries to show respect towards the local people of Sikkim.

Q. Will we get ‘Prasad’ from these holy monasteries?

A. Yes, you will get ‘Prasad’ from these holy monasteries. You need to show Coupon number for getting ‘Prasad’, which our travel agency will provide you well in advance.

Q. Do we need any permission for visiting these monasteries?

A. Yes, you need permission to visit some of the monasteries. But you should not worry; we will manage all these permissions to make your trip more comfortable and hassle-free.