Sikkim Honeymoon locations & activities for a marvelous new start

Who says your honeymoon is all about cuddling all day long? In my opinion, it is about being with “the one”, going out exploring, and doing the things that you both love the most, with equal respect and understanding, delving deeper at the best places in the map. Sikkim is one such ideal place for honeymoon and it truly is the destination for every kind of traveler. The travelers’ paradise has its own charm that attracts couples for Sikkim honeymoon tours to its realm.  Located amid the majestic Himalayas, Sikkim treasures a wide array of multiracial culture and natural extravaganza that serve as the best honeymoon places in Sikkim. Known to be the cleanest state with 70% of its total land area under the high altitudinal region, even the Kanchenjunga the world’s third highest mountain stands tall as the kind protector of this far-flung land and its docile people.

Check the list of top handpicked honeymoon places in Sikkim that will enhance not only your entire trip but also provide an ideal beginning.

1. For the love of Nature and Wildlife Tours in Sikkim at Kanchenjunga National Park

Kanchenjunga National Park

If you love wildlife and nature, if the scenic appeal and wild side fascinates you, then enhance your Sikkim Honeymoon tour by indulging in nature and wildlife tours in Sikkim. The frequently recommended site is Kanchenjunga National Park, which is incorporated in UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 17th July 2016. It is India’s first “mixed heritage” sites in India and is the highest ecosystems in the world. Kanchenjunga meaning, “the abode of Gods” and the park itself is famous for its natural appeal and magnificent views of the 3rd loftiest mountain in the world.

Tips: Obtain permits for the accessibility to the Park, and go with a tour guide for better insight and to prevent from getting lost.

2. Suitable Honeymoon Shopping for the compulsive shopper at M.G Marg, Gangtok

Honeymoon Shopping

Sikkim is well stocked with the imported goods that are worth every penny. You may spend most of your time in sightseeing and adventure activities. But, if you happen to saunter at the famous M.G Marg in Gangtok, the capital city, you’ll surely consider burning a hole in your pocket. Your Sikkim honeymoon trip will remain incomplete without purchasing few exotic goods of Sikkim. It can either be souvenirs, arts, and crafts, traditional attires, semi-precious ornaments, limited edition books related to Himalayas & Tribes, etc.  Apart from these, you can even pick the latest trending costume from a nearby store. You can pick a beautiful coat, a pair of hand warmers, even a pair of boots that can be worn during your trip to higher altitudes.

Tips: Buy souvenirs to take back memories home and you can do the bargaining. Goods are genuine and worth the money.

3. Picking the best Honeymoon hotel an ideal location in Sikkim for the luxury feeling

Honeymoon hotel

Being the travelers’ destination, Sikkim has no dearth of accommodation facilities. The hotels in Sikkim are all well equipped with basic and modern amenities. The diverse array of accommodations in Sikkim comes with backpacking categories to the upscale ranges. Except for the extreme border regions, all the Sikkim sightseeing places have a provision for accommodations, if not hotels, there certainly will be home stays at some offbeat places and villages. To book the best hotels in Sikkim, you can do a research if you’re planning an independent trip. But, if you’re availing a holiday package, then your accommodation will be booked by your travel agency.

Tips: Compare prices online and book only if you’ve gone through the positive reviews.

4. Indulging in the leisurely activities with angling in Sikkim


If you want to pause a while from the day to day activities or the frequent adventure activities, then get a fishing permit and indulge in leisurely angling in Sikkim. Sikkim is the home to the pristine silver streams and glacial-fed rivers that provides a fascinating opportunity for fishing. If you’re exploring the far-flung villages and staying in the home stays in Sikkim, then angling is one of the best things to do apart from trekking.  You can befriend the locals or you can have your tour guide accompany you to the fishing spot if you feel like.

Tips: Get your fishing permits done before indulging in fishing activity to avoid the trouble.

5. Understanding Sikkim a bit better and deeper by hiring a English translator/Guide in Sikkim

translator Guide in Sikkim

Sikkim is the abode to the cultural heritage, customs, traditions, ancient relics and ruins that treasures the untold tales of the bygone era. So exploring every nook and corner that comprise honeymoon places in Sikkim can be very difficult. If you hire a tour guide, he will be able to assist you to get to places at a stipulated time. Not only that, a tour guide can be the best companion to explain everything about the specific culture, traditions, people, and the history of different periods. For example, the Rabdentse Ruins in Pelling is one of the famous and beautiful archaeological sites in India. It ranks as the best places to visit in Sikkim. However, you can obtain a better knowledge about the place, or about the kingdom that collapsed to ruins, if you hire a tour guide.

Tips: Make sure you and your tour guide can communicate and interact in the language that you both can be comfortable with; it can either be Hindi or, English.

6. Getting the adrenaline rush with exciting Trekking Tours in Sikkim

Trekking Tours in Sikkim

Your Sikkim honeymoon tours are better spent with adventure experiences instead of confining yourself to a hotel room or in the comfort zone. Being the mountainous gem, Sikkim is immensely endowed with the best Himalaya trekking trails and the best trekking destinations. You can indulge in trekking adventures depending on your preference or your abilities as a trekker. If you’re a beginner, you can indulge in Kanchenjunga Base Camp Treks, Sandakphu-Phalut Trek,   and Rhododendron Treks. If you’re acclimatized to the higher altitudes and if you’re an avid trekker, you can go for Goecha La Trek, Dzongri Trek, Varsey Trek, etc. To indulge in trekking adventures, you need to go to Yuksom, the ancient capital of Sikkim, which is the center of all the major and interesting trekking in Sikkim.

Tips: Go for a thorough medical check-up before you indulge in trekking, if you’re a beginner; begin from the easy level to prevent from falling sick.

7. Witness a life after the sunset with Sikkim nightlife during your honeymoon tour

If you want an interesting change in Sikkim sightseeing tours and crafted itineraries, then save an evening to witness the nightlife in Sikkim. Plan a thrilling evening outing with your spouse and indulge in the gaiety and fun-filled night at one of the best nightclubs in Gangtok, Sikkim.  Most of the pubs are located at M.G Marg Gangtok, if you’ve booked your accommodation in the heart of the city itself, you can even walk back to your hotel when the party gets over.  You both can dance your heart out with the beating of latest hip-hop, pop, reggae genres played by the DJs. Additionally; you can even witness the live performance by the local artists.

Tips: Remember the city sleeps early as 9 pm, so, try to leave the pub early, and smoking in public places in an offense in Sikkim.

8. Add more excitement by indulging in adventure activities in Sikkim

activities with angling

Apart from trekking, hiking, wildlife, and nature, Sikkim has excellent provisions for the white water rafting. If you want an element of an adrenaline rush, then get yourself prepared to face the bold and swift rapids of the glacial fed waters. Teesta River, originating from Pauhunri Mountains, 75 km northeast of Kanchenjunga at the border of India, Tibet, and China offers the best alternative for the White Water Rafting, Kayaking for the water sports enthusiasts. Sikkim honeymoon packages come with the customized activities and tours that even include the white water rafting activities in Teesta River.

Tips: Make sure you indulge in the water sports in the company of the experts and guides.

9. Experience flying and witness the stunning aerial view with paragliding in Sikkim

paragliding in Sikkim

Paragliding is gaining a mass anticipation and is becoming rapidly increasing sports in Gangtok Sikkim. After all who wouldn’t love to watch the aerial view of the majestic Himalayas, valleys, and the quaint town comfortably flying like a bird? On top of that, you need no experience for indulging in this adventure as you will be accompanied by a well experienced and certified pilot. The pilot efficiently takes care of the entire navigation as both of you sit in the harness and fly enjoying the magnificent backdrop below.

Tips: You must be fit and healthy in order to participate in this adventure.  Normal weight limit is 90 kg, while pilot deals with all the flying and navigation part, you should cooperate in takeoff and landing.  Wear sports shoes, slim-fitting T-shirt, trousers/jeans, etc.

10. Tease your taste buds and relish special Sikkim cuisines

Sikkim cuisines

You really should have enjoyed every bit of Sikkim sightseeing tours, but let me assure you that no vacation is fulfilling until you tease your taste buds. As every culture and place have their own kind of lifestyle and customs that deeply influence the cuisines as well. Sikkim serves a wide array of cuisines that will quell your platter. You should try authentic cuisines like Shya-phalay, momos, thukpa and aalu dum, and every sort of cuisines that is the blend of Tibetan, Chinese, and Nepalese style.  The good thing about foods in Sikkim is that the entire state is organic, so, they serve the dishes that are prepared from the freshest organic supply.

Tips:  Do not limit yourself to the dishes you’re familiar with when in Sikkim eat and dine like a Sikkimese.

Sikkim sightseeing packages provide the customized sightseeing and adventure itineraries at the top and handpicked Sikkim sightseeing places depending on the reviews and recommendations from the expert travelers. So have a happy vacation.