Details of the Journey from Bagdogra airport to Phuentsholing with taxi fare

Traveling to a place you have never been before for the first time can be a little difficult if you are with your family and if you do not have proper guidance. Phuentsholing is the entry point of Bhutan and as soon as you enter here you will be able to witness the clean environment of the country. It can be very irritable sometimes if the agency from where you have done your booking does not deliver well and delays service and especially for middle-class people who cannot afford car rental service traveling here and there can be a bit troublesome. Keeping all these problems in mind, here is some information and guidelines that might be of help to you in your journey and back.

Distance from Bagdogra Airport to Phuentsholing=170km

Arrival time=4h 20mins

Bagdogra to Phuentsholing taxi fare details:

Bagdogra to Small car Sumo Tavera/Scorpio Innova Mini coach
Phuentsholing 2700 3200 3500 4000 7000

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Why Phuentsholing?

Why Phuentsholing

The significance of this place is that it offers easy entry and exit route to Bhutan. It is the border town of India and Bhutan. Phuentscholing is a lovely place which has a kind of its own beauty. The sunset from this place is absolutely mesmerizing.

Getting there

After your flight lands in Bagdogra you need to check out from the airport and then book a taxi that will take you to Phuentsholing

Where to stay

Hotel Druk

Hotel Druk- It is known to be one of the most famous hotels in Phuentsholing with neat and clean rooms and state of the art amenities. If you want any information regarding the Bagdogra to Phuentsholing cab fare, do contact Eastern meadows Tours.

Price starts from 4272Rs

Amenities: hot tub, child-friendly, bar, and laundry service.

What to do

Phuentsholing is a wonderful place as it is the border town of India and Bhutan. You will be able to notice the contrast between the cleanliness of India and Bhutan as soon as you enter Phuentsholing as it is less chaotic and far cleaner than the Indian border area. Here are a few places you could visit in Phuentsholing

The Karbandi monastery

The Karbandi monastery

The monastery is located at an altitude of 400m on a small hill that served as a temporary stay of the Royal Grandmother. Inside the monastery, there are beautiful statues of Shakyamuni Buddha, Guru Rinpoche, and Shabdrung Nawang

Main attraction: statues of famous personalities in Bhutan, amazing view of the city

Opening hours: 7:00am to 6:00pm

Admission: free

Location: above the town, Phuentsholing

The Zangtho Pelri Lhakhang

The Zangtho Perli Lhakhang

It is a temple representing the heaven of Guru Rinpoche. There are about eight manifestations of the Guru and paintings on the life of Buddha on the ground floor.

Main attraction: paintings of Buddha, manifestations, Bodhisattavas.

Opening hours: 8 am to 6 pm

Admission fee: free

Location: Indo Bhutan border, town center, Phuentsholing

The crocodile breeding farm

The crocodile breeding farm

The main objective of the farm is the conservation of the species of the crocodiles. The reptiles are bred for the sole purpose of releasing them into their natural habitat.

Opening hours: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

Entry fee: 20Rs

Location: near Phuentsholing Bus stand, Phuentsholing.

Where to eat

There are many restaurants and cafes in Phuentsholing that will pamper your taste buds with their authentic cuisines

Zen Restaurant

Zen Restaurant

It is the best Chinese restaurant in town with good quality food and a good service. The authentic Bhutanese cuisine is very delicious here.

Opening hours: 8 am to 11 pm

Cuisines: Chinese, Asian

Location: upper market, Phuentsholing Bhutan.

Kizom café Pizzeria

Kizom café Pizzeria

The café is famous for its pizzas and dessert. It is a lovely place to have a hearty meal. The quality of the food is good and the service is also very nice.

Opening hours: 9 am to 10 pm

Cuisines: pizza, vegetarian-friendly, fast food

Location: Tshela Building, Phuentsholing, Bhutan

The total cost of the trip-:

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Expenses Cost for 1 night(per person)
Taxi from Bagdogra to Phuentsholing 4600Rs

(return fare included)

Hotels 1000Rs approx
foods 1000Rs approx
miscellaneous 500Rs
Total 7100Rs


The very atmosphere of the town of Phuentsholing is enchanting and fresh. As you enter the city you will feel relaxed and calm as you are in the arms of the mystical country of Bhutan. I hope the above information will be of help to you. May you have a pleasant stay in Phuentsholing.