How to go to Lachung from NJP with taxi fare details

Travelers and adventures from all over the world visit North Sikkim mainly due to the breathtaking views and sceneries which if offers. North Sikkim is definitely a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers.

Scenic views to marvel at while traveling from NJP to Lachung


Information regarding the distance between NJP to Lachung Travelling by taxi Fare-

  • The distance between NJP to Lachung=219kms.
  • NJP to Lachung taxi fare- you will need to get a permit to visit Lachung, charge of the permit is 200 rupees per person. The cost of the fare is included in the travel packages to North Sikkim. The price is approximately 6200 or it could cost a little higher than that.

Something about the journey:

The journey is filled with mesmerizing views of the lush green hills and the mystic waterfalls. On your journey, you will be able to witness the majesty and grandeur of the holy Teesta River.

Details on Car Hire/and car rental in Siliguri:

Siliguri is one of the most popular commercial hubs in North East India. Siliguri is known for its four T’s-tourism, timber, transport, and tea.

If you are traveling to Lachung from NJP you have to make a stop in Siliguri as because the NJP taxi service will only take you till Gangtok There are many car rental agencies in Siliguri that provide a wide range of cars in a cheap price. Siliguri has one of the finest car rental agencies which provide a wide range of cars such as hatchback, sedan Suv’s. If you are low on budget then you can hire a car from local taxi service in Siliguri that can take you to Gangtok.

Recommended stay in Gangtok:

The only means of travel from NJP to Lachung is by road and it is a 6 hr journey and the conditions of the roads are quite terrible most importantly it is not safe to travel during night time. Therefore it is highly recommended for the tourists to make a stay in Gangtok and continue your trip next morning.

Hotels available in Gangtok: The Golden Crest Hotel, Mayfair Spa, Resort and casino, Gangtok.

Why travel to Lachung from NJP?:

Lachung is a small village surrounded by apple orchards. The Lachung valley is known for its hot springs, beautiful pine forests, and the gorgeous waterfalls.

Key attractions: Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary and Buddhist Lachung Monastery.

Available accommodations: Hotel Lachung continental, Comfort inn Lachung.

Lachung is a place worth visiting so does enjoy your stay here and wish you a happy and a safe journey.