Top things to do in Guwahati Assam for a fascinating experience

One of the Seven Sisters States, Assam is the treasure chest of diverse history and among the most beautiful jewels in Northeast India. It is amongst one of the regions that have remained undefeated by the Mughal Emperors. Assam is endowed with luxuriant and sprawling tea gardens, countless rivers, snow-decked mountains, lakes, and streams. It has a reputation of drawing tourists from throughout the country and the abroad. The quaint and serene hill stations in Assam are mostly untouched and offbeat.

What’s the best time to visit Assam Guwahati?

Summer Season (April to June): These months are enjoyed an extremely moderate climate and favor a travel that is refreshing.  Thus, summer is the best time to visit Assam Guwahati. You can explore Kaziranga National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Winter Season (October to March) is ideal for the romantic getaway.  You can enjoy the harvest festivals-Bihu, or explore the Orchids in the hill stations to enjoy the chilling weather.

Monsoon Season (July to September) must be avoided, as Assam is located on the banks of Brahmaputra valley, it is prone to heavy downpour and devastating floods.

So, here are the lists of top things to do in Guwahati Assam

1.  Get adventurous with trekking and paragliding in Haflong:

Haflong Lake

Haflong is a serene and a perfect realm of greens with hills and sparkling streams, luxuriant valleys, offering the much peace and vacation for a perfect holiday.  This quaint region is located near to Guwahati and is endowed with orchids, birds, and is considered as a heaven for the adventure lovers.

Major attraction: Haflong Lake, Orchid Garden, Borali Range, etc.

2. Discover your peace on a trek to Diphu:

Discover your peace on a trek to Diphu

Snuggled 270 km from Guwahati, the pristine realm of Diphu is one of the least known places in Assam. Get enchanted by the most famous hill stations, stunning backdrops of the Brahmaputra Valley.

Major attraction: Botanical Garden, Marat Longri National Park, District museum, Arboretum, and some of the famous temples like Deopani Durga Mandir, Shiva Mandir.

3. Climb up for rejuvenation and to watch the unspoiled beauty of Umrangso:


Standing on the breathtaking North Cachar Hill, Umrangso is one of the most picturesque hill stations in Assam. Based on the in the border of Meghalaya and Assam, this place maintains a rustic feel and offers a perfect rejuvenation for your mind.

Major attraction: Hot water springs-Garampani, Lake, Hill stations, Scenic Backdrops

4. Maibang- nostalgic relics and remnants of Kachari Kingdom:

Maibang- nostalgic relics and remnants of Kachari Kingdom

Maibang is stunning and mesmerizing Hill station and the former capital of Kachari kings.  For those that seek to discover the unknown and seen must visit this place. This region is famous for sculptures of the Kachari dynasty, stone carvings, sparkling and plummeting waterfalls, etc.

Major attraction:  Relics of Kachari Rajbari, ancient monolithic temple- Ek pathar ghar, etc.

5. Spot one-horned rhinos in Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary:

Spot one-horned rhinos in Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary

Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the famous and one of the oldest wildlife sanctuaries in India.  It is the only natural abode to the natural one-horned rhinos in the world.

Major attraction: One-horned Rhinos, other wildlife like Tiger, elephants, Buffalos, Deer, Migratory Birds, reptiles, and exotic faunas

6. Majuli, pay a visit to the world’s largest river island:

Majuli, pay a visit to the world's largest river island

Extended over the region of 1,250, Majuli is the abode to the natives called ‘Misings’. Enclosed by the massive Brahmaputra River, It is famous for the enticing cultures and traditions. This freshwater island is the world’s largest river island in the world.

Major attraction: traditions and cultures of Misings, Inland River Island, Brahmaputra River, etc.

7. Do the Digboi, the oldest refinery in Asia:

Do the Digboi, the oldest refinery in Asia

Digboi is the “Oil City of Assam’. It is located in the Tinsukia District of Assam. Digboi is the abode to the first oil refinery in India and as well as in entire Asia. It stands still, with all its scenic appeal, and as a live witness to Assam’s Colonial era.

Major attraction: Stunning backdrops, Colonial town, Refinery of Digboi, etc.

8. Partake in the Tea Festival in Jorhat:

Partake in the Tea Festival in Jorhat

Assam holds a timeless bond with the tea production and is one the producer of the finest quality tea in the world. If you love Tea, then explore Jorhat during the months of November to January to witness and unlock Assam’s immortal relationship with Tea leaves at Tea festival.

Major attraction: Tea production, the lush green realm of Tea, Tea Festivals, etc.

So, why think and wait for another time? Pack your bags and say hello to the ethereal charm that waits to surprise you with its appeal.