Top 11 Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations in Sikkim

Sikkim, the second smallest state of India, is an exotic powerhouse. The Land of the White Orchid displays an immense amount of beauty to every traveler who steps in. Covered in multi-hued rhododendrons, the valleys of Sikkim are a sight to behold in the sun-kissed mornings of Spring. Home to the Kanchenjunga, it is an equally thrilling destination to visit during winters. Irrespective of the season you choose to visit Sikkim, the kingdom never disappoints you with stunning Sikkim sightseeing places. With exotic monasteries, clear skies, lush valleys, off-beat trails and a splendid hospitality, Sikkim emerges out to be an ideal destination to spend your honeymoon in, so that you can take back memories of a lifetime

We have compiled a list of eleven off-beat destinations that are perfect to be included in your Sikkim honeymoon itinerary. Read on to explore more about these idyllic locations and the perfect activities to pursue while you’re on a vacation in Sikkim –

1. ZULUK –


A quaint settlement in the eastern part of Sikkim, Zuluk is a town that sits near the Indo-Tibetan border. Perched at an altitude of 3,048 meters, Zuluk was a snug stopover for the merchants who traveled through Silk Route in the ancient times. With cozy home stays, inns and breathtaking views of the Himalayan vista, Zuluk is also the base destination for further trips to the Nathang Valley & Changu Lake.

NOTE – You need to issue a permit from the Sikkim Government to gain access to Zuluk.

BEST TIME – Spring, when the valleys are blanketed with millions of blooming rhododendrons.

LOCATION – East Sikkim, near the Indo-Tibetan Border. It’s a 4-hour drive from the capital city of Gangtok and 6 hours away from the nearest airport in Bagdogra, Siliguri.



Ravangla is a scenic town that sits in the Southern part of Sikkim. This location offers unparalleled views of the snow-tipped Himalayan ranges from a stunning elevation of eight thousand feet. Here, you can enjoy idyllic treks to the neighboring forest trails, capture the beauty of sunrise points, seek your blessings in the monasteries of Ralang and dip in the hot sulfur springs of Borong.

NOTE – Don’t forget to carry altitude pills and extra power banks so that you never run out of battery when you are busy capturing the magical beauty of the hills.

BEST TIME – Book a tour to Ravangla during March and April to experience clear skies and awe-inspiring view of the sunsets past the towering peaks.

LOCATION – Ravangla is roughly 126 kilometers ahead of the nearest airport, Bagdogra Airport & 69 kilometers from the capital city of Gangtok.



Pelling is another off-beat location you might want to consider visiting with your partner. Once you’re here, you will enjoy uninterrupted access to some of the majestic ranges like Pandim, Kanchenjunga, Siniolchu, Rathong and more. Enjoy Pelling sightseeing tour through the Rabadantse Ruins, The Alpine Cheese Factory, Sing Shore Bridge, Sangay Water Falls, Pemayangtse Monastery and enjoy a splendid stay in the heart of Sikkim.

NOTE – It is best to get in touch with car rental services who provide standard pick and drive facilities for their customers so that you can enjoy effortless traveling experience from the airport.

BEST TIME – The best time to visit Pelling is during the seasons of summer, spring and winter. Each season holds a unique charm of its own,

LOCATION – Pelling is roughly six hours away from Bagdogra Airport and five hours away from the capital city of Gangtok.



Lachung is a village that sits atop a hillock in Sikkim at an altitude of eight thousand & six hundred feet. The strategic location of the hillock offers you an encompassing 360-degree view of the Himalayas. Lachung holds a virginal charm since it is relatively untouched by commercial tourism. With a sizeable settlement, the gurgling Lachung Chhu river and a quaint little monastery, Lachung serves as an ideal destination to spend your honeymoon in.

NOTE – You need to issue a permit to enter Lachung. Once you book a package, it includes transport, accommodation, food, and sightseeing.

BEST TIME –The best time to visit Lachung for a honeymoon trip is during the winters when it is blanketed with powdery snow.

LOCATION – It is situated in the Northern part of Sikkim, It is roughly 220 kilometers away from Bagdogra Airport and 105 kilometers away from Gangtok.



Gangtok is the most visited, and perhaps the most urbanized destination in the state of Sikkim. With an array of luxury resorts, contemporary cafes, endless eateries, holy lakes, monasteries, Gangtok offers you a slice of urban convenience amidst the lap of the Himalayas.

NOTE – Don’t miss the International Flower Festival held in the White Hall. Sikkim showcases the largest exhibition of orchids in India.

BEST TIME – Best time to visit is throughout the year, excluding the season of monsoon.

LOCATION – Gangtok is a five to six hour-ride away from Bagdogra Airport as well as the North Jalpaiguri Railway Station.



Yumthang Valley of flowers is like a scene cut out of a beautiful postcard. During spring, the entire valley gets blanketed in thick layers of multi-colored rhododendrons. And when the winter arrives, you can enjoy views of the serene snow-capped mountains as you enjoy indulgent sessions of dips in hot springs that are known to heal joint pain with its sulfur-rich pooling water.

NOTE – Make sure you book a full-fledged package to Yumthang because traveling to such high altitudes on your own isn’t recommended. You cannot stay in the valley. The trip starts from Lachung with a return trip to Lachung the same day.

BEST TIME – The best time to visit Yumthang is from the months of March to June.

LOCATION – The Yumthang Valley is further north to the town of Lachung. It is approximately 150 kilometers away from Gangtok.



Namchi is the headquarter for the Southern District of Sikkim. It is extremely famous for the 87 feet tall statue of the Shiva in his meditating posture, Go ahead with your partner and seek the blessings of the twelve jyotirlingas that surround the sky-touching statue.

NOTE – Since it is a religious sightseeing destination, we advise you to wear decent clothing during the visit to the Char Dham.

BEST TIME – You can visit Namchi throughout the year and enjoy the ambiance irrespective of the weather.

LOCATION – Namchi is situated in the southern part of Sikkim & is approximately 100 kilometers away from the town of Siliguri where the nearest railway station & the airport are.



Yuksom was the first capital of Sikkim and holds immense historical importance. Here, three Lamas crowned the first Chogyal of Sikkim. The footprint of the head Lama in a stone still lies witness to the ceremony. You can also trek to the famous Dubdi Monastery which only requires an hour-long trek to reach. The Kathok Lake & Norbugang Coronation Throne cannot be missed either.

NOTE – If you do not get direct reserved vehicles to Yuksom, you can drop down to the town of Gezing instead. You can find many reserved/shared taxis from Gezing to Yuksom

BEST TIME – You can visit Yuksom throughout the year, skipping the rainy season.

LOCATION – The nearest airport (Bagdogra Airport) is roughly 170 kilometers away from Yuksom.



This picturesque village was earlier inhabited by the local herders who used to spend their summer in pastures tending to their livestock and come back to Lachen during winters to relax. Lachen is filled with comfortable resorts open throughout the year for bookings so that you can step into a small piece of isolated heaven any time of the year.

NOTE – Once you’re in Lachen, you can combine your itinerary to cover destinations like the Gurudongmar Lake & Chopta Valley. Your travel agent will need to issue a permit one day prior to your entry.

BEST TIME – The best time to visit Lachen is during the summers, spring, autumn & winter.

LOCATION – Lachen is 121 kilometers away from Gangtok.

10. NATHU LA –


“La” in the Tibetan language means pass. Nathu La is the pass that separates India from Tibet. It was the war-ground where the Indo-Chinese war of 1960 suffered many casualties. Now, when you visit Nathu La, you can catch a glimpse of the Chinese soldiers guarding the other side of the border. The landscape is surreal & adds thrill to the overall situation.

NOTE – Nathu La is only accessible by Indian citizens on allotted days of a week. If you’re a foreigner, you can only tour up to the Tsomgo  Lake.

BEST TIME – May to October is the best time to plan a trip to Nathu La.

LOCATION – The Nathu La Pass is 56 kilometers ahead of Gangtok and takes you through one of the highest motorable roads in the world.



Khecheopalri Lake is associated with many myths, that certainly add up to its visual charm & serenity. The water body is considered to be sacred, and interestingly, the birds of the area don’t let a single fallen leaf mar the pristine surface of the water. They are seen picking up the leaves from the water surface and discarding it away.

NOTE – It is said that the shape of the lake resembles the footprint of Goddess Tara Jetsun Dolma,

BEST TIME – The best time to visit the lake is during the months of March & April when the festival of Maghe Purne is held around the premises.

LOCATION – The lake is located 34 kilometers to the northwest of Pelling.

No matter which destination you choose to step your feet in, the entirety of Sikkim, with its lofty mountains and sensuous valleys, envelops you in a romantic atmosphere. So go ahead and explore the beauty of the Himalayas with your better half!