Make Yourself At Home in Best Hotels & Resorts Of Murti, Dooars

Murti is small yet, the one most picturesque and inviting tourist spots of Dooars which is situated on the banks of River Murti. It is, in fact, a perfect getaway for people who are in search of serenity and peace. The entire stretch of the area is dotted with a number of picnic spots, forest bungalows, resorts, and watchtowers making it an alluring destination for nature enthusiasts and bird lovers. Apart from this, there are several tourist attraction places around Murti which allows its discerning travelers to delve into the serene, peaceful and exotic environment.


1. Murti Resort:

Murti Resort

If you are planning to stay at the best resort in Dooars, then why not Murti Resort? Nestled amongst the rustic display of beautiful greenery and close to gently flowing Murti River, this particular resort offers a refreshing accommodation to its travelers.

Specialities: Guests can enjoy scrumptious food and personalized services.

Tariff: From Rs. 1,400/- onwards.

Location: Murti Beat, Uttar Dhupjhora, Batabari

2. Aranya Jungle Resort:

Aranya Jungle Resort

Aranya Resort is amongst the popular jungle resorts in Murti, Dooars which welcomes its visitors to spend their leisure in a comfortable stake and a peaceful nature ambiance. This is in fact, an ideal place for animal lovers.

Specialities: The gateway to Gorumara National Park.

Tariff: From Rs. 2,688/- onwards.

Location: Gorumara, Lataguri.

3. Gorumara`s Nature Cottage:

Gorumaras Nature Cottage

For a very reasonable tariff, one can enjoy top room services, facilities, and accommodation at Gorumara Nature`s Cottage, a place where nature has kept its door open.

Specialities: Close to Gorumara National Park.

Tariff: From Rs. 1,703/- onwards.

Location: Murti.

4. Paramita Resorts:

Paramita Resorts

Located in the heart of the Gorumara National Park, this beautiful resort is sprawled across neatly laid pebble paths and manicured gardens overlooking the scenic views of natural surroundings.

Specialities: Paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Tariff: From Rs. 1,017/- onwards.

Location: Near Gorumara National Park, Dakshin Dhupjhora.

5. Prime Murti:

Prime Murti

An exquisitely elegant, eco-friendly and one of the best hotels in Dooars forest the Prime Murti is an ideal place to comfort yourselves amidst the breathtaking vistas of lush green environs and subtle sounds accompanying nature`s theatre.

Specialities: Close to Gorumara National Park.

Tariff: From Rs. 2,464/-onwards.

Location: Uttar Dhupjhora Bypass Road, Batabari.

6. Lake View Resort:

Lake View Resort

Perfect for a holiday weekend, the Lake View Resort is undeniably one of the cheapest and best hotels/resorts in Dooars and also the best option for holiday packages within Lataguri, Dooars.

Specialities: Great hospitality and close to nature.

Tariff: From Rs. 1,109/- onwards.

Location: Lataguri, Dooars.

7. The Riverwood Forest Retreat:

The Riverwood Forest Retreat

The Riverwood Forest Retreat is an eco-friendly getaway resort that offers a great choice for the travelers to enjoy tranquillity and peace of mind in its well-furnished rooms each opening up to a balcony that offers luxurious forest views.

Specialities: The hotel is designed with air-conditioned rooms and all the latest amenities.

Tariff: From Rs. 6,844/- onwards.

Location: Gorumara, Dakshin Dhupjhora.

8. Rangamati Resort:

Rangamati Resort

Rangamati Resort near Murti, Dooars is the right place where one can rediscover themselves amidst the pristine Mother Nature and outstanding hospitality.

Specialities: It offers great hospitality with modern amenities in a very homely ambiance.

Tariff: From Rs. 1,456/- onwards.

Location: Near Murti River, Dooars.

9. Resort Dooars Residency:

Resort Dooars Residency

Among the reputed Dooars, hotels & resorts, one that holds pride in treating the customers with great hospitality and homely atmosphere is the Resort Dooars Residency.

Specialities: Great choice for guests to treat themselves with homely services, scrumptious cuisine, and excellent accommodation. Also close to Gorumara wildlife reserve forest.

Tariff: From Rs. /- onwards.

Location: Near Murti River, North Dhupjhora.

Places of interest in Murti, Dooars

Resorts and hotels are effectively proportional to the main sightseeing places of the locality. Therefore, Murti doesn`t stand back in presenting its exotic forest and wildlife places with a bit of adventure thrill adding to make your journey memorable and haunting for the rest of your lives. Some of the top attractive sightseeing places of Murti include:

  • Bindu
  • Rocky Island
  • Chilapata Forest
  • Chapramari Forest
  • Samsing
  • Gorumara National Park
  • Suntaleykhola
  • Jhalong
  • Jaldhaka

So, maybe it’s time you pack your belongings and head to one of the best resorts in Murti, Dooars to take a close look at nature and wildlife.