Car Rental Services from NJP to Darjeeling via Mirik at best fare

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So, you paid less? Now pay more attention to Unmissable sightseeing facts on an extended trip from NJP to Darjeeling via Mirik! 

1. Approx time required to reach Darjeeling via Mirik from NJP or reverse:

1 hour 52 minutes (57.2 km) via Rishi Road- a further trip to Darjeeling from Mirik require-2 hours 29 minutes (60.6 km) via NH110. Thus, the approx total time exerted for the whole combined journey: 4. 5 hours including halts in between for refreshments and photography.

2. Traversing the enchanting woods:

Commencing your trip from NJP, your vehicle will traverse Sukna region and further reaches Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the replica of Robert Frost’s- stanzas-the woods are lovely dark and deep! The smooth road runs through a considerable distance providing the enchanting view of the woods on both the sides. (This is when you’re still on the plains)

3. Get embraced by the warmth of a new Sunrise at Mirik:

On approaching the hills the route passes through enchanting tea gardens, exotic viewpoints offering mesmerizing backdrops, quaint villages. Mirik is best known for orange orchards, lake, beautiful backdrops and enthralling sunrise. Activities include horse riding, sightseeing, fish feeding, etc.

4. Increasing charm with increasing altitude:

Now, ascending uphill to Darjeeling, be prepared to confront the majestic views of the hills, snow-capped peaks, houses perched on slopes, the extensive Peshok Tea Estate, the enchanting Lamahatta region flourishing Himalayan flora, birds, and what not? You may catch a glimpse of Toy-Train whistling on its narrow tracks along the way! Besides, you can stop by some restaurants on the way, to tease your taste buds with steamed momos, soup, and freshly plucked Darjeeling tea brewed on the pure water of Himalayas.

5. A glimpse of approx car rental fare from NJP to Darjeeling via Mirik:

Small car: 2,800 INR

Sumo: 3,000 INR

Tavera/ Scorpio: 3,300 INR

Innova: 4,200 INR

Mini Coach: 7,500 INR.

So, the above is the insight about availing a trip from NJP to Darjeeling via Mirik. So, have a happy road tripping with the best car rental agency in Siliguri.