Eastern Meadows Tours sweeps region-wide recognition second time in a row –Bags the Best Tour Operator Award

Eastern Meadows Tours sweeps region-wide recognition second time in a row –Bags the Best Tour Operator Award.

The India Travel Awards (ITA) is a unique event organized every year with an aim to recognize and felicitate the pioneers & dignitaries of the Hospitality Industry. Businessmen who steer the future of Tourism into newer heights are recognized here and are given their due appreciation in front of a cheering crowd.  An award in hand, and a crowd that encourages, the very ambiance that is created in this event, fuels the winners with a new zeal to out-do themselves day in & day out.

The India Travel Award is supported by Incredible India and is an award that holds national value. Entrepreneurs running hotel chains, resorts, airlines, international and domestic tourism boards, and touring agencies are nominated for the prestigious award. The winners are chosen on the basis of the combined assessment carried through online voting & jury judgment. Winning such an Award, naturally makes an establishment the best one available in India, on the basis of region. And Eastern Meadows Tours is more than pleased to be recognized as the best in the Eastern Wing, surpassing competitors from 13 East Indian states.

Through years of dedicated service, Eastern Meadows Tours has toured uncountable visitors to picturesque pockets scattered throughout the Indian landscape. We have offered you exotic locations, brought you creative packages, and laid out simpler budgets, so that our clients’ vacation started off with a happy note, and ended in a similar spirit. We did nothing, but put our heart and soul to take you to places, and our toil did pay off when we gathered regional appreciation in the form of esteemed awards showered to us by the India Travel Awards. Eastern Meadows Travels feels extremely honored to have received the India Travel Award for the Best Tour Operator not once, but for two consecutive years – 2016 & 2017.

We look forward to marching only ahead from here on; spread more smiles, and including more members of our family. Because growth has been our only goal. And we achieve it through honesty, genuine care towards our clients and excellence that has earned mass appreciation and national recognition.