Remember these safety tips before you travel to Darjeeling with your family

At the end of your daily day, your goal is always focused on two things Safety & Security.

Darjeeling- ‘Abode of Picturesque Beauty’

beauty of darjeeling

Darjeeling, also known as “Queen of the Hills”, is located at an elevation of about 6,700 ft and attracts many tourists from all over the world. With its surreal beauty of Sunrise viewpoint at Tiger-Hill, Darjeeling calls many nature lovers in every year. Nature has bestowed this enduring hill station with a striking sunrise viewpoint, magnificent mountain views, lush greenery of tea plantations and forests, cascading river streams and so on.

While you take the steep road to Darjeeling

road to darjeeling

Darjeeling is a beautiful hill station with enormous beauty. When you are traveling to Darjeeling, you take the risky steep road as you are being driven uphill. During your journey, you can witness the enduring beauty of the surrounding covering with snow-capped hills and green landscapes. Your journey to Darjeeling will surely be unforgettable for the lifetime and the road trip memorable.

Some problems we had faced during our Darjeeling trip-

  • If it is your first Darjeeling visit, the transport systems in Darjeeling can be really confusing sometimes. Certain distances must have to cover by walking.
  • You could easily be influenced by a fraud tour guide who was offering numerous family tour packages in Darjeeling at a very cheap price.
  • Due to less warm clothes, you could face extreme chill and cold in Darjeeling.
  • As there are numerous hotels and restaurants in Darjeeling, which can make your choice of stay confusing. You must also be assured about the advance which must be prepared after receipt only.
  • Lastly, the most important thing is the need for medical kits which you may carry with you at all times in case of an emergency.

Important tips for the future travelers-

As per experience, to make your journey smooth and comfortable, I am giving a complete list that you should keep in mind-

  • Book the Toy-Train’s tickets in advance for not missing the opportunity to enjoy the train ride.
  • You would need to do a lot of walking as not all destinations can be reached by a vehicle. So bring a sports shoe or walking shoe with you.
  • Do not get influenced by any fraudulent tour guides. It is better to hire a reputed one like Eastern Meadows Tours after proper research who will give you the reasonable family package for Darjeeling.
  • You should carry woolen jackets, mufflers, shocks, cardigans with you as the temperature of Darjeeling can anytime fall down.
  • Do proper research about the hotels before embarking on the trip. If you are traveling during peak season, it is recommended to book your hotel in advance.
  • Please bring your personal necessary medicines with you for your crucial situations.

Your Safety Is In Your Own Hand-

Your belongings are your responsibility. Though Darjeeling is a safe hill station, you should be conscious of your safety. You should not trust everyone you will meet on the way to Darjeeling.