What is the cost of taxi fare from Darjeeling to Mirik?

Present scenario of the two hills

Darjeeling has always been a popular destination for tourists. The beauty of the landscape and distant sight of mountains is refreshing to your soul. The sub-district of Mirik has slowly been gaining its reputation as a hotspot of tourist flow. Due to good road connectivity, the only medium of travel from Darjeeling to Mirik would be by a rental taxi.

Darjeeling to Mirik – An Overview

The distance between Darjeeling and Mirik would be approximately 49 km. It takes about 2 and half hours to reach the beautiful Mirik. The journey starts from Darjeeling and the road to Mirik is gifted with great scenic beauty, hill slopes and the famous tea Gardens.

Cost of Taxi fare from Darjeeling to Mirik

Due to a huge tourist activity in Mirik, there are lots of car rental agencies who provide an easy car rental options. The rent or taxi fare depends upon the car you would prefer to rent. Rates depend upon your preference of car.

The fare for Darjeeling to Mirik and the car rates to choose from:

Small Car Rs. 2200
Sumo Rs. 2600
Tavera/Scorpio Rs. 2900
Innova Rs. 3500

After a 2 and 30 minutes of travelling, you finally arrive in Mirik. After u reach here, you are treated with the view of the scenic Mirik Lake whose beauty is beyond comparison.  The lake is decorated by nature with some tall pine trees which add to the already beautiful Mirik Lake.

Places to visit in Mirik :

Here are a few tourist spots you cannot miss when in Mirik.

Mirik /Sumendu Lake :

Located in the heart of Mirik, the lake is a calm and beautiful tourist spot whose beauty is famous worldwide. People can be seen walking on the footpaths which encircle the lake. The lake also has a bridge above it to help the commuters to reach the other side easily.

Boating on the lake and riding a Pony are some thrilling experiences you cannot miss.

Pashupati Nagar market:

There is a very interesting market just 15 km from Mirik, the Pashupati market. The unique feature of this market is that half of the market lies in the neighbouring country of Nepal.

You can buy some clothes, handicrafts, perfumes and some unique items from this market at a very cheap rate. When here you can have the best of both the countries.

Orange orchards :

Another unique feature of Mirik is many plantations which can be found throughout Mirik. Very few places in India is favourable for Orange plantations and Mirik is one of them.

You might someday be lucky enough to visit the plantation when the oranges are in full bloom and the entire plantation is filled with colourful and countless oranges.

Bunkulung :

When in Mirik you must visit the agricultural hub, Bunkulung. The village requires a hired cab to reach there as the hillside village is on the outskirts of Mirik. The beautiful village occupying the edge of the valley consists of farmlands, empty beautiful lands and fisheries which are sure to mesmerize you.

Mirik has earned itself a place among the top three tourist places in West Bengal. The beauty is immense and your journey is supposed to be mesmerising and unforgettable “